Haha just tweeted a buncch of stuff and figured out I have no followers to see them. I am sure am something else :D

Right now I’m wearing my Hogwarts houses sweatshirt, my Deathly Hallows bracelet, the Harry Potter 3D glasses I got at the midnight release, I’m carrying my wand, and reblogging Harry Potter posts



all while I’m about to watch Deathly Hallows Part 2 in honor of the Battle of Hogwarts.

The movie hasn’t even started yet and I’m already crying.

I don’t even understand how Potter fans could stand to be emotionally stable.

I know I’m not.

Got a twitter and have no idea wht I’m doing. But I think I followed two ppl.

Ikr! I’ve been trying to figure out whose horsetail tht was too!

Hmm…. I wonder where my camera’s sexy button is?

Dear you,


I miss you.
Every second of the day you’re on my mind. Truth is, you never left.
I never stopped missing you. Can we just go back to how it used to be? The hugs, kisses, cuddles in bed, the long nights of talking in my bed. I just want it all back. I just want you back.
Please come back into my arms where you belong.
I need you.
And tell me that maybe, just maybe you need me too.

(via janebtrox)

(via janebtrox)

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